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May 19th 2017 14:29     
Your details are being sold onto from here....
This is a company who purchases private household numbers for nuisance call purposes. Upon investigation the company selling these details on is called PREIM Ltd. They have been reported to Ofcom and other legal agencies regarding this. To make a formal complaint against PREIM for selling your private information to this Swansea based company that is harassing people here are their contact details: 01778382210 www.preim.co.uk t +44 (0)1778 382210 f +44 (0)1778 382215 e helpdesk@preim.co.uk Preim Limited Unit 8, The Forum Minerva Business Park Lynchwood Peterborough PE2 6FTDirectors Neil Oakey e Neil.Oakey@preim.co.uk Andrew New e Andrew.New@preim.co.uk Make them aware they have been reported so they don't continue to ignore it.

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017 9273 5870
0179 273 5870
0179 2735 870
01792 735 870
017927 35870