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October 3rd 2018 16:28     
Community Spirit      
Same old scam, new number
Following the blatant scam pattern, "Asian" caller claiming to be from Talk Talk technical department, rest of the patter was pretty much the same as frequently used before. Pretty good English in this instance, a female caller but she did the usual lack of asking for a name and part from calling me "sir" showed the usual lack of manners (no "please/thank you") and bossiness at the end. Contradictory ending as call terminated (not my end) after she told (very much like an order) me to listen to her, though I had mentioned the line was crackly that was true but I didn't tell her it was due to my landline phone been 25+ years old

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028 5640 4777
0285 640 4777
0285 6404 777
02856 404 777
028564 04777