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September 10th 2018 19:21     
Asian Based Scam Caller
Asian based female caller claiming to be a representative of BT trying to repair my broadband connection which had been corrupted by hackers or similar such nonsense!!! Tried to validate their claim by guiding me into Windows "RUN" - "Command Prompt" and getting me to type in terms which resulted in perfectly normal results, which they suggested were proof of corruption on my computer! On this non-proven basis they then wanted me to download "ANY DESK", (a remote access software package). This would then be used by them to hijack my computer and steal information or hold me to ransom! Search online for "ANY DESK SCAM" this features also on the Any Desk Wikipedia page. (I managed to waste over 40mins of their time while using less than 5mins of mine as I simultaneously did my days emails. I used mute and hands free functions while claiming the computer was far from the phone).

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032 0011 59
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