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January 12th 2017 02:23     
Desperatly stupid      
I got a call whilst looking for a loan from this number .They offered me the money and told me my payments which seemed fine.They then gave me the choice of secured or unsecured and as i couldnt get a garauntor i chose unsecured to which they told me was ok but i had to make the 1st payment as security before the funds are released, they provided me with a bank account etc to pay into(couldnt do a card transaction for some reason). Once i had done this i received another call confirming my payment was made and that i was going to get paid £200 extra due to a gov tax charge for poor credit.I was told that they didnt charge fees and that i had to pay them the £ 200 before my funds could be released.I was told that this would need to be paid into a different account(3RD account number i was given). Gladly i didnt pay this and coincidently the phone calls stopped but i still lost £113.

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033 3311 2071
0333 311 2071
0333 3112 071
03333 112 071
033331 12071