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April 13th 2018 20:57     
Claims to be from whatsapp and I've a requested a change. Strange as I don't have an account with them SPAM!!

April 14th 2018 08:39     
090 numbers are premium call .whats app do not have those numbers

April 16th 2018 08:57     
Berady Eye      
Beware All Phone Nos. starting 0902394
Folks, please all be aware that the scammers have now got a new set of phone numbers all starting with the above 7 digits (25 numbers in total), regarding a message supposedly from WhatsApp and for you to ring any of these numbers if you did not sanction moving your number to a new device. DO NOT respond in any way. It is a scam to get you to ring any of these Premium Rate Nos. with one poster at least losing over £5 for just a 15 sec. call. They had previously used 10 nos. and these went 090239401XX (the XX being in the range of 21 to 40). I will be reporting this scam again to Action Fraud but please feel free to join in. AF can be contacted using 0300 123 2040.

April 17th 2018 10:16     
Beady Eye      
Have Reported This No.
Action Fraud now know all about these phone numbers, the last batch being 24 in total. Cost me an expensive phone call as it took 50 mins. to get through (I'm a persistent bugger!) and another 30 mins. to file my report. Maybe next time I'll do it online. Oh and, yes, a typo last time (small keyboard, big fingers!).

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090 2394 1738
0902 394 1738
0902 3941 738
09023 941 738
090239 41738