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March 22nd 2018 12:34     
This site is crap
This site is crap I Googled who called from 8000561515, clicked the link to come to this site it prompted me to enter an answer to my own question !!!

March 22nd 2018 16:01     
Beady Eye      
Anon., it is only crap because crap people like you do not put in the correct phone no. It should have a 0 in front of the 8. If you do that, then it turns out that the call was from Quick Quid. Thus this site is not crap, since you now have been told the information you require. Thus don't blame this site for your inability to read the full phone no.
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Other formats this number could be shown as:
800 0561 515
8000 561 515
8000 5615 15
80005 615 15
800056 1515