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June 25th 2016 15:46     
Unknown landline number
From few days receiving call from the above number 02034243680. When dialled back will get the recorded message saying our offices are closed now and the opening timings are 8 am -8 pm even if I called in the morning time just after I receive the call.
October 28th 2015 14:11     
Nuisance Caller
I have had 8 calls in the last 24 hours but didn't know the number so hadn't answered it. On the last occasion I decided to find out who it was. It was someone telling me that because I had entered a competition the other day I was entitled to hundreds of pounds of money saving offers....that only costs £78 for the whole year. Now I hadn't entered anything, the only thing I have done online was order something towards Christmas. But I am meticulous when it comes to online forms, making sure I have ticked or unticked the relevant boxes so I don't get bombarded by this rubbish. I have another 5 numbers playing the same game....extremely naffed off!
September 30th 2015 11:18     
I don't answer when they call. Phoning me 3-4 times a day, do not leave message on voicemail either.
September 15th 2015 11:35     
Who is this
Constantly ringin me
September 11th 2015 14:27     
rang me twice
need to know who it is
July 20th 2015 13:13     
Non-profit organisation call
It's a thank you call from Save the Children for your donation.
January 16th 2013 10:31     
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