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September 29th 2014 10:11     
Jacob Gibson      
No more early morning survey calls… yay!
September 26th 2014 18:52     
big Dave      
yet another bloody nuisance
Solar panel sales have phoned numerous times even though my house doesn't qualify for free ones they don't listen a blooming pain their web shite is ashadegreener.co.uk.
September 26th 2014 18:51     
Holly S      
Nuisance call
Keeps ringing our number all the time pain in the butt
September 24th 2014 14:58     
scam avoid avoid avoid avoid
got called by a aisha khan offering me the world on a hot plate. its all a scam and a phishing exercise. she said she was calling from the nhs but since when does the nhs employ telesales people to call health care workers up to demand credit card details? anyways i checked with the nhs fraud department and they confirmed that 0203 630 5415 is not one of their numbers. they said i should contact the police.
September 15th 2014 16:42     
idont answer that number any more i leave it on answer machine and it still ring every time
July 31st 2014 16:48     
presistant caller
calling , then does'nt speak
July 30th 2014 15:42     
We'll I just called no back, pressed 1 got customer service. No English person took my no and said she'd take off list!!!!! But I guess it may still go on reading prev mesg!!
July 11th 2014 11:50     
Simply Outbound      
Simply Outbound - Grievance Cell
We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We are a UK-based lifestyle survey and lead generation company (www.simplyoutbound.com) working on behalf of the leading brands in the country. We respect your privacy and have no intention to cause any problem to you. We are not being able to address your concern per our customer service process as we do not have your details. If you do not wish to hear from us or take part in this telephone survey or have any comments or issues regarding the call, please feel free to call our grievance cell at 02036300278 or email us at customercare@simplyoutbound.com.
March 19th 2014 17:52     
who is this
why you calling me
February 18th 2014 16:06     
nuisance phonecalls
We have been called 3 times in 2 hours by these people insisting that I do a survey which I have refused and told them to remove my number from their database.
January 3rd 2014 16:30     
fed up
am really fed up of these calling me all time asking for someone who has never lived here ...
October 29th 2013 13:15     
had texts from loads of different mobile numbers
Had texts from loads of different mobile numbers... 07463 076784 07806 845374 07463 010945 07914 909646 THIS IS A SCAM..
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