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May 3rd 2018 09:11     
Beady Eye      
A Note to Party Guy
You have clearly not read ALL the comments on this subject. Time for you to scroll down and find the comments about this being known as SLAMMING a tactic that Ofcom are well aware of. On the balance of probability, I feel that the messages from BT are genuine but brought about by this slamming technique whereby another telephone provider tells BT that one of their customer wishes to switch to this new telephone provider. Thus BT get in touch with their customer by message or letter to confirm if this is the case. Now, whether the phone no. given is genuine or not remains to be confirmed. I recall receiving a similar letter some years ago when I had decided to switch to TalkTalk (a decision I bitterly regretted, as its customer service was useless and it felt that it could just change what services we had agreed to when I signed up with them and without advance notification). Now with someone else.
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